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July 31, 2018 8:27 pm  #1

Heat wave of 1936

This is really interesting.  I live in one of those States where the temps climbed into the 120's.  I wasn't born yet so it didn't affect me, but my parents lived through it and talked about it from time to time.  I think they didn't want to recall it very much tho, so they really only mentioned it if one of us kids asked a question about it.

I do remember, however, that my Gramma and my Mom would sit at night with their feet in buckets or basins of cold water from the well at the farm. My family (Dad, Mom and 5 kids) lived in town 8 miles away because of the school situation, but we often spent whole days at the farm while Mom helped Grams put up produce from the garden because it's sometimes all we had to look forward to in the winter months.  Grams had her HUGE garden situated so that it was only yards away from the windmill where the water well was located. Us kids would carry buckets of water to the garden in the heat (this would have been some very hot summers in the late 50's and all of the 1960's), even though we waited until around dusk to get started because otherwise everything just evaporated anyway.

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