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Pull Up A Chair » Cave rescue - finally (it was getting old, real fast) » Yesterday 4:59 pm

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A quote from the latest e-newsletter of Dr. Tim O'Shea (chiro).  He says exactly what I and many others are feeling.



While we're all glad that the trapped boys have finally been rescued, we're even happier that we've been rescued from the stranglehold the story held on all media,  obsessing over the tiniest details of the adventure every 5 minutes for 2 weeks. Media fodder. Lunch for the masses - pick your metaphor.  The story has yet another lesson about the mandates of the Bernays-trained managing editors worldwide. 

They'd have us believe that nothing else of note was going on in the entire world for the past 2 weeks as important as the rescue - no tragedies, wars, genocides, environmental disasters, loss of human rights, medical freedom, trade agreements, invasions --- all that just went on hold and was of no significance whatever compared with getting these kids out of the cave. Even after they were found.  Sharks at feeding time - that's how the media responds - everybody had to get into the act and take as much credit as possible. Their bubble headed bleached blondes manically presenting the Thai story as dire as possible with the most tragic outcome likely.

All those thousands of hours of media coverage - notice one detail they always skipped:  Exactly how far did the kids have to dive under water? A quarter mile?  Ten feet?

But hands-down champions in the carnivorous competition as the Superheroes were - the Meds.  After a week of starving, all these kids needed was food and water - simple food. We can do nutritional refinement later. They weren't emaciated - that takes months. But here's a typically ridiculous report from NBC on 10 July:              

"The initial eight who were freed are currently in good health, officials said. They were receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Chiang Rai."            

 "..., a public health official tol

All About Nutrition » Eat that avocado seed » Yesterday 10:16 am

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There's a short video included in this article and it's worth watching. It's less than 2 min.

And here I've been throwing away avocado pits (stones) forever!  Had no idea they had any nutritional value at all.

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