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Ask your questions here » What causes heart disease? » Today 4:26 pm

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Here's part 56:  regarding familial hypercholesterolemia, which is NOT due to high LDL or any of the other nonsense reasons you'll get from a heart doctor here in america or any other doctor.

Quote from article:  "We can provide fifty days free access to this paper, before the pay wall comes down. To make it free access forever would cost us thousands, and since none of us gets paid a bean for any of this work, this would be far too costly for a bunch of (in this area) independent researchers.You need to be a major university, or a pharmaceutical company to make your papers free access. Although such are the costs that even these organisations are baulking. As Richard Smith– who edited the BMJ for many years –  said ‘The function of medical journals used to be to make research freely available to all. It is now to keep it hidden.’ Or words to that effect."

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